timeshares for sale

Timeshares for sale…but who’s buying?

Looking for timeshares for sale? Most timeshare owners weren’t…but they were bullied into buying a timeshare anyway.  The stories of timeshare bullying are almost endless, and always the same.

You were lured to a “marketing presentation” while on vacation (or worse yet, sold a cheap vacation that REQUIRED attendance) and held for up to 10 hours in a relentless beat down of a sales pitch that made you do something you hadn’t planned on…buy a timeshare.

Once you sign on the bottom line, you likely rationalized your “decision” and convinced yourself how great it was and how you deserve this.

Why would you come to that conclusion?

You likely heard it repeated over and over during the presentation or saw it written in the marketing materials. You also heard that listing timeshares for sale would be an option, if for some crazy reason you decided you wanted out.

In any case, you’ve jumped into a life-long (and then some) commitment requiring thousands of dollars in fees, taxes and assessments each year.

Do you really even know if you’ll be able to use it when you want to? No. But you were reassured that the resort will “rent it out for you.” You may even be able to make some money on it (The operative word being “may”).

You’ve also been reassured that your timeshare is an investment that will go up in value and can be sold “like any other piece of real estate.”

Of course, when the time comes to sell your timeshare there are no buyers…at least not for any significant amount of money. There are so many timeshares for sale, for literally PENNIES…the competition to get rid of one this way is overwhelming.

You can’t even GIVE the darned thing away, because people don’t buy timeshares without having first been coerced into it, and since you can’t bring yourself to lie and manipulate people into taking the burden off your back…you’re stuck with it.

The question you should have asked yourself and the timeshare sales people is, if a timeshare is so desirable, why does it require such extreme sales methods? Free vacations, TVs and expensive meals as incentive to buy something that’s already such a “great deal” is fishy to begin with.

If timeshares were really so awesome to own, people would be lining up with their wallets in hand to buy them, right?

Timeshare ownership reality

This is when you know the honeymoon is OVER!

The reality of timeshare ownership hits hard when:

  • You get your first “special assessment”…an out-of-the-blue fee of hundreds or thousands of dollars for some type of upkeep needed for the resort.
  • You try to book your vacation during the only time you have off from work and there’s “nothing available.”
  • You try to participate in the “rental program” and either the resort refuses to rent it out for some cockamamie reason or they rent it out and don’t give you a fraction of what you expected.
  • You get a call or letter telling you that you have to “buy more points” to get the kind of vacation you want…and were promised at the sales presentation.

The list of timeshare ownership nightmares goes on and on. That’s why there are so many timeshares for sale on the market these days. I haven’t even gotten into the fact that timeshare ownership puts a bullseye on your back for scam artists that call promising to sell your timeshare for a “nominal fee.”

Timeshares for sale scams

And the older you get, the more vulnerable you become.

These creeps have a special affinity for victimizing senior citizens…especially those that are worried about leaving their children with the burden of inheriting an expensive timeshare they don’t even want.

If you’re in the lucky position of finding this site because you are doing research BEFORE buying a timeshare, heed this advice: DON’T BUY IT!

If you’re one of the unfortunates who have already signed your life away to a timeshare company…waste no more time or money! Get out of your timeshare as soon as possible. It can make a huge difference in your financial future and peace of mind.

Imagine if some weather catastrophe was to happen and do massive damage to your resort. When you buy a timeshare, you are no longer a customer…you’re part owner of that resort! Any liability the resort incurs is squarely placed on YOUR shoulders! Who needs that? They are raking in millions of dollars, but they pass all the operating fees on to you.

Don’t go down the “Timeshares for sale” rabbit hole…

Get out the right way!

There are reputable companies out there that can and will help you get out of your timeshare contract. Finding one that will do what they say they will can be a challenge. That’s why I refer timeshare owners to Redemption and Release. That is one company that has a good history of legally removing your name from the timeshare for a reasonable fee.

Anyone who claims they will “sell” your timeshare (always for a non-refundable fee) is just taking your money. Sure, they’ll list it somewhere…but what good is being on a list of timeshares for sale if there’s nobody that wants to buy it? Unless you’re bullied, tricked or hypnotized into the purchase, timeshare ownership makes no financial sense…especially in the day and age where you can go online and find amazing travel deals with a few mouse clicks…wherever you want to go, whenever you want to go.