Timeshare Scam Alert Alpha Services

Timeshare Scam Alert

There’s a new Timeshare Scam every day it seems lately! The latest was reported by the Better Business Bureau itself.

A telemarketing scam going by the name of “Alpha Services” has been taking money from people who want out of their Mexico timeshares.

The same modus operandi is being used again and again…but this one has an extreme twist!


  1. Cold call a list of people who own timeshares (this one targeting Mexican timeshares).
  2. Tell them there’s an interested buyer (there really isn’t).
  3. Get them to send a “closing fee” of several thousand dollars.
  4. ALPHA TWIST: Have the AUDACITY to call them back weeks later and demand a $16,000 “Mexican Government Timeshare Sales Fee.”

Wow…there just is no shortage of folks who will defraud others for their own greedy gain. And unfortunately, there appears to be no shortage of under-informed people who fall for these timeshare scams. The best we all can do is stay informed and tell our friends and family (and anyone with a timeshare) to avoid these shysters as much as possible! And if you do get a phone call from somebody who claims to have a “buyer” for your timeshare, make note of their names and phone numbers and alert the authorities.

No reputable timeshare exit company would call you promising a buyer. There are no viable buyers in the timeshare resale market. In fact, the timeshare resale market flatlined years ago…dead and buried! Getting out of a timeshare is possible but not likely through a direct resale.

Only a flim-flam man would tell you that he has some mysterious person that is chomping at the bit to get his hands on your timeshare and wants to pay you as much as you paid for it… or more. The truth is that people who are actively listing and marketing their timeshares for sale are falling flat…and paying out hundreds to thousands of dollars in listing fees to no avail.

If you need to talk to somebody who can help you get out of a timeshare contract, call Redemption and Release at 888.743.9051. You may qualify for their Timeshare Redemption program, which is a guaranteed way to get free of your timeshare with no headaches. They take care of all the leg work and walk you through each step while keeping you informed about the progress along the way. Even if your timeshare property doesn’t qualify for their timeshare redemption program, they will offer advice on how you can get out of your timeshare contract.

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