Timeshare Hypnosis – Are You Immune?

Timeshare HypnosisI hear stories all the time of how people were manipulated by the timeshare industry.

The majority of timeshare owners had absolutely no intention of locking themselves into a contract that would cost them thousands of dollars yearly for the rest of their lives, and possibly even pass that financial liability on to their children.

In fact, most held the idea that timeshares are for “suckers” prior to attending that “90-minute” presentation that resulted in their purchase. So, how did they end up signing that fateful document that they’d wrestle with for years into the future?

Hypnotic Timeshare Sales Tactics

The timeshare industry has absolutely mastered the fine art of persuasion. Few industries Timeshare Redemptionunderstand the human psyche as well, or the manipulation thereof. The intoxication of glamor, luxury, privilege and indulgence are human weaknesses that the timeshare industry skillfully toys with. The appeal of “something for nothing” is hard for the average “smart” person to pass up. Since most of us consider ourselves impervious to the hard sell, we are all quite sure that sitting through some yammering and flim-flamming in order to get a free gift is a no-brainer. If all it costs is time, then why not half-heartedly endure some poor pitchman’s performance for an hour or two?

Unfortunately, your ability to tune-out is no match for the highly trained Svengalis of the timeshare sales industry. They know what you need. They know what you want. They know what you have. Most of all, they know how to move you. They will ferret-out your deepest desires and convince you they can satisfy you on every level.

Are you hard-working? You deserve relaxation.

Are you stressed? You deserve peace and tranquility.

Are you financially savvy? You need a good investment and safe place for your money.

Are you frugal? You need to save money on your vacations for the rest of your life.

Are you parents of young children? You need precious family memories to last a lifetime.

Are you retiring soon or some day? You need to travel the world and enjoy life like you never had the time or opportunity to when you were working.

Are you a show off? You need a paradise all your own to flaunt to family and friends.

Timeshare salespeople have a little something for everyone, and if you don’t think so, they will wear you down physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally until you see things their way. Promises, interrogation, humiliation, flattery…whatever it takes to get into your brain and your wallet. They may even reassure you by reminding you that you can cancel within a special window of rescission hoping, of course that you’ll be so busy during the rest of your vacation or upon returning home that you’ll miss the deadline altogether. They’ll even promise you the presentation will last a matter of minutes, and then somehow keep you there for up to as many as 4 hours!

This is a common tactic, employed to wear you (and your sales resistance) down to barely functioning. There have even been claims that timeshare sales people use subliminal speech and images in their presentations to motivate you on a level you are not even aware of. Even just by “pumping up the volume” and turning up the excitement, timeshare presentations create an allure of celebration that most people experience only rarely in their daily lives, if at all. Cancel Timeshare Contract help Just as Las Vegas casinos lure you to gamble with flashing lights, loud music and beautiful people, timeshare salespeople lure you to gamble on your future. Even when you awake from the timeshare hypnosis, resorts will try to keep you paying with similar tactics to those that got you to sign your contract in the first place.

When things turn sour and you start making moves to get out of your timeshare contract, they will try to sweeten you up with vouchers and gifts. Unfortunately, these short-term bribes will only prolong your timeshare agony. They won’t want to see you go because your yearly fees and assessments are a major source of resort income. And considering that they already have a glut of rooms to rent and sell, they do not want to add to the inventory.

The best way to rectify the situation caused by timeshare hypnosis is to opt OUT of your timeshare contract with timeshare redemption. This is a process whereby knowledgeable timeshare contract experts transfer the deed to your timeshare out of your name, thus halting any further contractual obligations you have toward the timeshare company.

Getting out of a timeshare early can literally save you tens of thousands of dollars over your lifetime and prevent the awkward and undesirable situation of having to deal with the perpetuity of the contract being passed on to your children at time of your passing.