timeshare salesman

The Timeshare Salesman


Most people that buy a timeshare do so through a timeshare presentation. Potential timeshare owners are lured into these presentations with free dinners, nights in a hotel, cruises, and sometimes just cash. The same future owners are told that the presentation will be brief but they usually end up lasting over 4 hours. Once in the presentation, a convincing and smooth talking salesman tells them about all the benefits of owning a timeshare. This is where many consumers do not realize that they are being told recycled lines and that timeshare salesmen will tell you anything to complete a sale. Here are some classic lines to look out for if you are ever talked into attending a timeshare presentation.

“This timeshare offer is only good for today!”

The timeshare industry has been around for quite some time now and will continue to be around for as long as people continue to believe this lie. You are never getting a “deal” when it comes to owning a timeshare.

“Timeshares can easily be sold or rented”

This is also very unlikely. There are more people trying to sell their timeshare then there are people looking to buy a timeshare. With the timeshare sales market so lopsided ,selling or renting a timeshare is a real challenge.

“A timeshare is an investment that will gain value over time”

This statement could not be any further from the truth. A timeshare is in no way an investment and will never gain value. Once a timeshare is purchased it instantly loses value because the demand for timeshares is so low. The demand for timeshares is low due to the fact that the maintenance fees that come with timeshare ownership can be overwhelming. So overwhelming that owners are willing to sell the timeshare online for as low as a dollar, jus to get the maintenance fees off their hands.

“Booking a timeshare at a time convenient for you is easy!”

What the salesmen don’t tell you is that the timeshare will actually be difficult to book regardless of the time of year. When you are not using the timeshare the resort is renting out the space to other vacationers so when you want to use the space it will most likely be booked already. Unfortunately, this will happen for the full duration of your timeshare ownership. In some cases timeshare owners end up having the timeshare for years and never use the property. This has become such a problem that some states have passed laws prohibiting salesmen and resorts from using such deceptive statements.

Below is a video of man who is a timeshare salesman turned car salesman. He reveals some of the common tactics and lines used by salesman, in great detail. This video is further proof that a timeshare salesman will say anything to complete a sale.

If after reading this post you some how still end up attending a timeshare presentation the best advice that i can give you is to simply get up and walk out as soon as you begin to feel uncomfortable. Do not fall for their deceptive lines.