Tennessee Timeshare Scam

It’s sad how many people get taken advantage on a regular basis by timeshare scam artists. The latest story of this type of timeshare scam comes out of the state of Tennessee. Evidently, thousands of timeshare owners are being targeted by phony timeshare resale scams. These particular timeshare scammers hail from Largo, Florida.

Many people in Eastern Tennessee are timeshare owners and periodically, scam artist contact them by phone and postcard to capitalize on these owners. Deeded timeshares become part of public record and therefore make the owners easy prey for these fraudsters.

Tennessee Timeshare ScamA Jefferson City timeshare owner that was conned by a timeshare scammer in the past was actually just targeted AGAIN by another scam! Luckily this time, he was wiser and did not jump on the fake offer like he did in the past.

A promotional video for a Resort in Palm Beach South Florida boasting the resorts’ enviable features lured Len Burnett to buy a timeshare there. Mr. Burnett only has good things to say about the timeshare he bought at Palm Beach for roughly $11,000. He paid the purchase price of the timeshare off within one year.

Last February, Burnett got a phone call out of the blue from a firm out of Largo, Florida. The caller wanted to know if he was willing to sell his timeshare.

Mr. Burnett told them he was happy with it and was still using the timeshare, but was drawn into the con when they promised to pay him $23,000 for the unit.
Greed took over and Mr. Burnett gave them a credit card based on the fact that he was told he could cancel within 48 hours if he changed his mind.

Unfortunately, the “company” took $2,300 from Burnett’s credit card. When he called the next morning, he found out it was all a scam. In Mr. Burnett’s defense, the credit card company rescinded the payment and Mr. Burnett got his money back. The FTC and other law enforcement agencies have since issued injunctions against the company, known as Resort Solution Trust.

This was a very terrible thing to go through, and Mr. Burnett was shocked to receive an identical phone call just last week! This time Burnett asked for the name of the company, which prompted a quick hang-up by the phone scammer.

Know these con artists and their timeshare resale games before you become another one of their unwitting victims. Do not be hoodwinked by an individual or “company” who says they have a buyer for your timeshare. Timeshares are a dime a dozen and thousands linger on the open market for pennies…and STILL never sell. ‘

Do yourself a favor and just laugh and hang up if you are ever the target of one of these timeshare resale scam phone calls.