Resort Release Review

Hello everyone! This is a message from the editor here at Sorry for not having posted in a while. It has been a busy year for me and my family. I was a recently driving to work listening to the Laura Ingraham Show when I heard an ad for a timeshare release company called Resort Release. I did some research online for Resort Release reviews and found out that they are based out of Rockford Illinois. I knew of another Rockford based company named American Resource Management Group that provided a similar service so I knew that I had to dig a little deeper into this company to get more details. Upon further investigation, I found out that Resort Release is an A+ rated BBB accredited business that helps their clients get out of their unwanted timeshares. I called into their office and had a wonderful conversation with one of their representatives. Here’s some information that I was able to gather.

Resort Release Reviews

The Resort Release Review Process

When I questioned them on how their contract reviewal service worked they informed me of the following. Resort Release reviews all timeshare contracts before putting them through their timeshare release program. Once a client has entered the release program they are assigned a personal case manager that is tasked with regularly updating the client on how their cancellation process is going. If you have any questions regarding the process your case manager is always available to answer your questions. Once the process is complete, it’s you guaranteed that you will never have to pay any future fees associated with your timeshare.

Quality Service:

Since Resort Release is an ARMG brand it means they carry the same quality of customer service and satisfaction. ARMG has been an A+ BBB accredited business for over 5 years and has zero . It is rare to find a timeshare release company that has been complaint free for this long. I have spoken with many other companies that claim they can legally and permanently remove consumers from their unwanted timeshares but, none of them were as professional and polite as the team over at Resort Release. The Resort Release advisors were very open to answering any of my questions and even offered me a free timeshare consultation (I no longer own a timeshare).

What  really stuck out to me about Resort Release was how meticulous they were when it came to reviewing timeshare contracts and their Laura Ingraham endorsement. If you are still looking for help with exiting your timeshare, I highly recommend them. They can be reached at 888-758-0993 and online at

I have mentioned in my other articles that you should do your research on a company before working with them. I can promise that you will not find anything negative about this business.  I hope you enjoyed my Resort Release review and I will be sure to post more reviews and tips about canceling a timeshare contract.

Have a wonderful day.