Redemption and Release LLC Reviews

Redemption And Release LLC Reviewed By Me:


redemption and release llc reviews bbbWe have received many requests to review the various “timeshare exit” companies that are currently operating in the United States. As many of my devoted readers know, I always recommend trying to get rid of your timeshare on your own. Since this requires a lot of work, dedication and some luck, many of you may have inquired about the viability of paying a third-party company to do this liquidation for you. This is not “resale” as we have discussed in other articles – but a true transfer of ownership or liquidation. These types of companies actually take over the ownership from you, getting the transfer approved at the resort and freeing you from the ongoing financial obligations associated with ownership. If you are going to seek third-party help to cancel your timeshare contract – there are a few important things to look for. I hope this article serves as a springboard to open up the discussion about the need for legitimate timeshare exit companies and why the resort industry’s Napoleonic policies have created this outside solution. There are only two companies I recommend for liquidating your timeshare. This article will only focus only on one of them – Redemption and Release LLC which operates out of Richmond, VA. Redemption & Release has been in business for over three years – offering their Timeshare Redemption & Release of Mortgage of services. With three solid years of operating history, and a transparent operating mindset, it was fairly easy to peer behind their corporate veil and get a look at their inner operations.

When writing this article I took into consideration a number of things before choosing to give my vote of confidence to Redemption and Release. I know that these articles go far and are viewed by thousands of vacation home and timeshare owners like yourself. I do not take lightly the recommendations I give and just know that I have to personally feel secure that I have vetted a company before giving them my recommendation and approval, as I have done in this situation.

Here are some of the criteria that went into making my decision-making process: Does the company offer a solid guarantee? How long has the company been in business? How many complaints do they have? What is projected time frame to complete the task? How transparent is their contract?

The reviews from the public are very good on Redemption and Release, LLC and there are no complaints from any disgruntled consumers – anywhere online. It seems this may have to do with the fact of their very consumer-friendly cancellation policies and multiple guarantees. Redemption and Release LLC reviews each property they redeem to make sure it complies with their guidelines to accomplish the transfer services in the timeframe guaranteed – 6 months or less. Getting out of your timeshare in such a short period of time is a great relief to many consumers – especially when comparing their services against their competitors. Many of the companies in the industry only promise to complete the transfer in an estimated 12 month timeframe, or worse, they don’t contractually give a timeframe to complete the task. NEVER enter into an open-ended contract. Always get your guarantees in writing like Redemption and Release LLC provides.

Remember, Redemption and Release offers a guaranteed 6 months or less completion timeframe to cancel a timeshare contract. Kudos to them for this service guarantee and customer service commitments.

Another factor I made when considering which “timeshare exit” company I should endorse was to look at third-party consumer protection groups. One of the first I looked at was the Better Business Bureau. The Redemption and Release Better Business Bureau report is also perfect. At the time of this article, Redemption and Release has ZERO complaints ever filed against them. This means that for the past 36 months, there has never been a complaint filed against their company. This is a tremendous accomplishment. While some may not give too much credence to the Better Business Bureau – I can also say that they have a stellar track record with Dunn and Bradstreet as well as the Online Business Bureau reporting agency.

So my overall recommendation is if you are willing to pay a nominal amount to cancel a timeshare contract, reach out to Redemption and Release, LLC to get the job done quickly and safely.