How To Cancel Royal Holiday Membership Today

How To Cancel Timeshare Membership Today

Looking for a way to cancel your timeshare membership today? We have the contract cancellation solution, but we’ll address that later. Before you decide to cancel your Vacation Club membership it is important for you to understand what other timeshare users seeking to get out of their contracts are experiencing as well.

Often, members of timeshare vacation property clubs do not own a particular share of any resort but they are buying a collection of points annually. These points can be traded in to the club for access to high-end beach side resorts, two story condos, or ski lodges. This sounds like a great alternative to owning a timeshare because you are not tied down to one particular resort, but their deceptive sales tactics are the same. Vacationers are lured into membership sales presentations with enticing gifts like a free cruise, a free breakfast, a free weekend get away at one of their resorts, and sometimes just cash. Once a salesman has a consumer in a sales pitch they immediately begin using high-pressure sales tactics to complete the sale. Presentations that were originally intended to last an hour often end up going well over 4 hours. These presentations usually start in the lobby of Resorts so they appear to be legitimate but they are just as bad as the timeshares.

Like a timeshare ownership, once you sign the contract you are a  club member for 30+ years. Many other members have been locked into their contracts since the 90’s and have never been able to use their points due to the room that they want never being available. As you can expect, a number of members are dissatisfied with their membership experience. If you take a look at the BBB profiles of resorts, you will see a wide variety of complaints filed against their respective organization. The complaints range from members not being able to cancel within the 1 week cancellation period to members being given alcohol in order to cloud their judgment when signing a contract. One member in particular claims that while on vacation in Mexico that a salesman ate breakfast with them and their family and even played with their child in order to close the deal. More deceptive acts by vacation clubs can be found in this 20/20 ABC special that reveals exactly what they are up to.

This video may be old but the sales tactics are the same. If you are a club member and you are looking for a way to get out, we can help. Our website has partnered with a team of timeshare cancellation experts that specialize getting club members out of their contracts legally and permanently. By going through us you will receive a free timeshare cancellation consultation. Click the button below or sign the form on the right to have timeshare cancellation expert contact you today!