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How to Cancel A Timeshare

Looking for a way to get out of your timeshare? Getting out is much easier than you think. Don’t attempt to list your timeshare on a resale or donation website because we can guarantee that you will not like the results. We have put together a complete guide on the best way to put an end to your maintenance fees forever. Before you cancel your timeshare it is important for you to understand the history of the resort industry.

Many resorts have been designed to showcase a unique design that is tailored to accommodate visitors needs. Some of their on-site accommodations include award winning spas, shuttle services between resorts, 20+ restaurants and bars and beautiful golf courses. It is all of these wonderful resort features that has led to hundreds of consumers purchasing a timeshare on one of their properties.

This may sound like a dream place to vacation but there are many consumers that seem to think the opposite. If you do a simple search online for resort reviews, you will find a collection of over 100 customer complaints claiming that they were scammed into a timeshare ownership. A majority of these owners were just trying to enjoy their vacation before a fast talking salesman approached them with an offer that they could not resist. What most consumers do not realize is that timeshare salesmen will say anything to complete a sale.

Timeshare Resort Reviews

One timeshare owner states, “I already owned a timeshare and told them from the beginning I was not interested. 4 hours later and finally about to go we were told we could buy this preferred package which included one week at the resort along with a cruise and some other great deals. We paid around $3,000. To date haven’t been able to use any of it! Do not go and buy anything!!!”. Complaints just like this one can be found about a variety of different resorts. Consumers are lured into presentations with promises of a free cruise and sometimes even cash but after the contract has been signed it can be nearly impossible to redeem what was promised.

Another owner states, “It appears that all they wanted is to get our deposit money $2,500. They also wanted us to sign our current timeshare over to them, saying that we wouldn’t have to pay anymore maintenance fees and that we would still be able to use them with their plan. After getting home and reading the material that they mailed to us we found that was not the case.” . In this timeshare owners situation the salesman leveraged the idea of taking on the owners current timeshare, just to get them to sign into a new one.  Deceptive sales tactics like gives you a good idea of exactly how resorts are run.

If your timeshare experience has been similar to the two timeshare owners in this article than we are here to help. Our research team has partnered with a timeshare cancellation company that specializes in canceling timeshare properties. Just click the button below or fill out the form on the right to receive a FREE consultation. Mention this article to receive dedicated assistance with your timeshare.