cancel a occidental vacation club timeshare

How To Get Out Of A Timeshare Membership

Looking for a way to get out of a timeshare membership? We have the timeshare contract cancellation solution that you are looking for. Before you are able to cancel a timeshare membership you must have a clear understanding of what other timeshare owners in your same situation are experiencing.

Being a member of the timeshare ownership industry is not the experience many people initially think it is. Unfortunately many of vacation club members feel like their experiences was the exact opposite of accommodating.

One member in particular said the following about their experience:

We have now been to 2 different timeshare locations and what your shown to be come a vacation club owner and what you get when you show up is totally different if they have a room for you at all.

In the world of timeshare sales this is what you call a “bait and switch”. The salesman will show you their best room but once you are a member the rooms that are actually available to you are nowhere nearly as nice. To make things worse, when you try to book your stay with resorts they are often already fully booked. Resorts are known for giving regular “walk in” vacationers priority over their own vacation club members.

Another member of theirs filed the following complaint: “The sales people misrepresented the membership and just outright lied!  We were promised huge savings on the vacation and 30-40% of airfare.  When we went to book our vacation for the first time we found that there was no discounts.

It is not uncommon for timeshare salesmen to use this form of deception just to complete a sale. Families are always looking for ways to save on airfare so the idea of a 40% discount can be very enticing.

If your timeshare ownership has been similar the two owners above than we have the solution for you. The team of timeshare cancellation experts that we work with to help our readers get out of their timeshares can also get you out of a Resort Club timeshare membership. Simply fill out the form on this page or click the button below to receive a FREE timeshare consultation. Mention that you want to get out of a timeshare and you will receive special assistance.