cancel a Summer Bay Resorts Timeshare

Get Out Of a Timeshare Contract

Has your timeshare been a real financial burden? Looking for a way to cancel? Well, you are not alone. Many of our blog readers have emailed us complaining about how dissatisfied they are with their timeshare. We have reviewed all of the complaints and put together a comprehensive guide on the best way to get out of your contract. Before you can cancel your contract we need make sure that you have a good understanding of exactly how resorts operate as a business.

A key selling point for a lot of resorts is the large size of the units that are assigned to owners. The one or two bedroom layouts come fully furnished with a full kitchen and balcony. Rather than spending your vacation cramped into a small unit you can have the freedom to settle in and enjoy your “home away from home”. It is all of these wonderful accommodations that catches the attention of potential timeshare owners. Unfortunately, most timeshare owners have never been able to use these accommodations and they continue to pay high annual maintenance fees.

The timeshare industry is known for selling timeshare owners a property that they can never use. The salesmen are fully aware that the owner may never be able to use vacation the week but they will sell it to them anyway. This has been happening for years and the owner complaints are starting to pile up.

Resort Reviews

If you do a search for “Resort Reviews” you will find hundreds of complaints from timeshare owners.  One owner states

they called me to me and offered me a vacation package that could cancel whenever I wanted, that was not well, I get sick with a contagious viral infection and decided not to infect others in the hotel, call to cancel and they said it was impossible to cancel

Complaints like this are fairly common in the timeshare industry. Salesmen will tell you that timeshares can easily be rented, sold, or  cancelled. This could not be any further from the truth. The only time that a timeshare can easily be cancelled is if the owner is still within the designated cancellation period. It seems that the owner in this complaint was not aware that it is illegal for a resort to deny you the ability to cancel.

Another owners complaint stated,

Do not purchase a resort getaway. We planned a birthday getaway only to have to sit through 5 hours of having the high pressure sale

This is also a common sales tactic used through out the industry. Salesman will offer you some sort of incentive in exchange for you attending a “short” presentation. Timeshare presentations can last anywhere from four to six hours. This time is used to wear down consumers to the point that they will sign anything just to bring the presentation to an end.

If your experience with your timeshare resort is similar to these two owners than we have the reliable timeshare cancellation solution for you. We have partnered up with a team of timeshare experts that specialize in cancelling timeshare contracts. Just fill out the form on this page or click the button below bellow to sign up for a completely FREE consultation. Mention this article during your initial call to receive dedicated timeshare assistance.