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How To Get Out Of Timeshare Contract Permanently

Do you feel like you were scammed into buying a timeshare? Looking for a way out? We have the timeshare cancellation solution that you are looking for. Our cancelation guides have hundreds of people put an end to their timeshare maintenance fees. Before we detail your cancellation options, we need to inform you about how the timeshare resort industry operates as a business.

A lot of resorts consist of a collection of one, two, three and four bedroom homes that come in a variety of different layouts. Timeshares properties sometimes differ from your standard timeshare resort because you get to stay in a full house rather than a small hotel room. One popular timeshare unit comes in three different designs with amenities that include flat screen TVs, free Wi-Fi, pillow-top mattresses and more. It is often unique vacation home design and amenities that lures hundreds of people to purchase timeshares.

Timeshare Reviews

The idea of owning a piece of one of these vacation homes may sound good but for many timeshare owners it has been a nightmare. If you do a quick search online for timeshare reviews you will find thousands of negative reviews. One timeshare owner in particular claims that they purchased their timeshare in 2012 based on “false and deceptive representation” and they have yet to use it. This same timeshare owner was also told they were purchasing an investment in real estate that would later turn a profit. The timeshare industry is littered with scam salesmen that will say anything to complete a sale. Timeshares are never a good investment and will never return a profit to the owner.

Another timeshare owner claims the following, “I was lied to and told my maintenance fees would not increase and that I would receive a free trip”. It is very common in timeshare sales to offer a free trip to consumers in exchange for them to attending a sales presentation. Once the presentation is complete it is rare for the consumer to actually receive the free trip even if they sign the contract. If you have had a similar experience to either of these timeshare owners than we have the legal and permanent timeshare cancellation help you need.

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