Cancel Vacation Village Timeshare Contract

Cancel Your Timeshare Contract

Do you feel like you were scammed by your resort? Many timeshare owners are looking for an effective way to cancel a resort timeshare contract.  Some owners are attempting to call the resort and  convince them to take back their timeshare, but have no success. Other timeshare owners are listing their timeshare on various resale websites and paying thousands of dollars up front with no results. We have put together a solution that will help you cancel a timeshare but before we go into detail about the process let’s take a closer look at consumer complaints.

If you search Resort complaints online you will come across hundreds of complaints from dissatisfied timeshare owners.

One owner out of Jonesboro, Georgia was tricked into attending a dreadful 4 hour long presentation. After 4 hours of bully sales tactics, the consumer requested the free cruise vouchers that they were promised in exchange for attending the presentation but all they got was more high pressure pushback. This sounds like an all too familiar situation for most timeshare owners. 

Another consumer was attending one of their presentations but they did not speak English, so they brought out a salesman that spoke Spanish. The problem with this situation was that when it came down to signing the timeshare contract it was written in English. The consumer requested that the salesman bring a Spanish contract but they refused and the consumer ended up signing a contract that they did not understand. Tactics like these are used every day to complete sales and are major reason that resorts continue to flourish and stay in business. States across the country are attempting to put laws in place to combat tactics like this but it is going to take time for local governments to put them into effect.

In the video below a woman named Rhonda tells her timeshare presentation story  that ended up being an all day nightmare. It started with a 90 minute presentation and ended with a lifetime burden.

Here at we believe that all upset timeshare owners deserve to experience timeshare freedom. So to help out all of our readers we have once again teamed up with our favorite timeshare cancellation company to help our readers permanently get out of timeshare contracts. For a limited time only if you fill out the form on the right or click below and sign up for a FREE consultation you will receive a special owner discount. All consultations are friendly, comfortable and low pressure.