How To Cancel Your Timeshare Ownership

Has owning your timeshare been a financial headache? Every year, timeshare owners are tricked into buying or upgrading their timeshare by a fast talking salesman. These salesmen will often tell you that you can rent the timeshare when you are not using it, or that you can easily sell it for a large profit whenever you want. Both of these statements are completely false.  Getting out of your timeshare can be nearly impossible to manage on your own. Fortunately for timeshare owners we have put together a comprehensive guide on the best way to get out of your timeshare permanently. Before we reveal the steps to getting out of your timeshare it is important for you to understand the history of timeshares.

Over the past four decades resorts have operated under a points-based exchange system. The goal of this exchange program is for points owners to have the ability to stay at many different resorts rather than being stuck with a single resort for years. The theory of their points exchange system makes sense but unfortunately owning timeshare points is very similar to having a timeshare contract because of how difficult they are to get rid of. If you do a search online for timeshare complaints you will find endless complaints ranging from owners that saw their annual fees rise to owners that had to deal with rude salesmen. One owner stated:


The investment was over $60,000 for these points, and I wish I had the money back. The monthly fees continue to increase, it’s almost impossible to get reservations at the places I want, and the service has been poor.

Not being able to get reservations is a common occurrence at timeshare resorts,  because the resorts are giving all of the reservations to vacations that are coming in off the street. The resorts already have you on the hook with a life long contract so they have no incentive to make you a priority. The same argument can be made for owners seeing an increase in their annual fees.


We’ve owned this for twelve years and have been able to use it once. If anyone files a class action lawsuit let us know please.”

We would not be surprised to see a class action lawsuit brought up against this resort with the way that they have been treating their owners.

If you are tired of your timeshare points, we have partnered with a group of timeshare cancellation experts that specialize in timeshare ownerships. These timeshare experts will walk you through all of the steps to getting rid of your timeshare legally and permanently forever.  All you have to do is fill out the form on this page or click the button below to receive a FREE consultation. If you mention this article in your consultation you will be directed to the right department.