Cancel A Starwood Vacation Timeshare Ownership

Cancel A Timeshare Ownership

Regret buying into a timeshare? Well you are not alone. Every year thousands of people are buying into terrible life long timeshare contracts that are nearly impossible to get out of. If you own a timeshare we have a legal and permanent contract cancellation strategy that thousands of timeshare owners have used with great success. But before we take you through the cancellation process it is important for you to know the goals of timeshare resorts.

One of the goals of resorts is to provide their members with a “comparable exchange” so that members can easily visit different destinations. Unfortunately for most timeshare owners, their ownership has been far from easy. If you were to do a search online for reviews about timeshare resorts you would read through hundreds of owners complaining about their inability to book reservations or that their allocated week is never available. One owner in particular stated:

“We bought timeshare that we should use every second year… And were lied to about the fees involved.”

Lying about extra fees is a very common occurrence in the timeshare sales industry. The extra fee’s are often referred to as ‘special assessment’ fees, and they can happen at any time during your ownership. The worst part about special assessment fees is that the amount is at the resort’s discretion. Resorts may claim that the special assessment is being used to repair the property or buy new furniture, but nobody truly knows where this money is going to. Timeshare salesmen avoid telling you about these fees because they will do anything to close the sale. Another timeshare owner stated the following:

“Resorts know how to squeeze money out of you..their maintenance fee have almost double since I bought my timeshare in Orlando.”

It is very rare for maintenance fees to stay the same as the time of purchase. Timeshare maintenance fees go up an average of 5% every year. If you are tired of paying your maintenance fees and would like to get rid of your timeshare forever, we have the solution for you.

Our team of editors has partnered with a team of timeshare cancellation experts that specialize in helping consumers cancel timeshare contracts. These experts have already helped thousands of consumers get out of their timeshare contracts and they are ready to help you. Simply fill out the form on this page click the button below to receive a FREE consultation. Mention this article in your consultation to receive dedicated assistance.