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How To Cancel A Timeshare Contract?

Not satisfied with your timeshare? Timeshare owners across the country are looking for a way to cancel their timeshare contract. Sometimes the resort is willing to take back your timeshare but most of the time it requires professional assistance to get you out. We have put together a solution for getting out of a timeshare but before we go into detail about getting you out we need to take a look at timeshare industry reviews.

Timeshare Complaints

When doing a simple search online for timeshare resort complaints you will come across a number of dissatisfied timeshare owners. One owner stated the following:

After they took an entire day from our vacation when they said it would only take 90 minutes, they told us that if we purchase the timeshare and want out all we have to do is sell it back. They also took no SSN or bank account info yet have continued to harass us and even put a notice on our credit report.

Of which they also said they wouldn’t do. They are scam artists and are not a business in the United States of America so they are getting away with making promises they never intend to keep.”

Long sales presentations are a common occurrence in the timeshare industry. Salesmen will purposely have presentation last hours to wear down the consumer so that they can sign the contract just to have the scam experience come to an end . The complaint also says that they would be able to sell the timeshare back to the resort if they were not satisfied with it. Unfortunately for timeshare owners , having you pay annual maintenance fees backfires so that resorts have no incentive to buy timeshares back. Timeshare owners need to keep in mind that there are rules in place for canceling US based timeshare contracts than in Mexico- they play by a different set of rules.

Another timeshare owner has recently reported having issues with the amenities available to their level of timeshare membership. Their Timeshare review stated: “Things that were once included in our stay like a simple ‘place to sit at the pool’ is now for Elite members only. I was a gold member (the highest, when I bought) and now they have changed the term to “elite” and now taking benefits away from other members that are paid in full and not interested in buying more.

When consumers go on tours of a timeshare property during a sales presentation they will sometimes be shown a better property than the one that is actually available for their use. This is done to make the timeshare appear to have more value. In this timeshare owner’s case the resort unexpectedly changed the amenities that were available at his membership level and he will have to upgrade his timeshare to get access to more amenities.

If you would like to cancel a timeshare or hear some more timeshare reviews we have the solution you are looking for. The team of timeshare cancellation experts that we work with has just informed us that they can get all timeshare owners out of their timeshare contracts legally and permanently. Just fill out the form on this page or click the button below to sign up for a FREE timeshare cancellation consultation. Mention this article in your presentation to receive dedicated assistance.