Cancel A Mexico Timeshare

Do you feel like you were scammed by a vacation club or resort? We have the answer you are looking for to legally and permanently cancel timeshare contracts. The resort industry has been selling timeshares to consumers for over 40 years and have a history of complaints that you should be familiar with.

There are a large number of specific club and resort timeshare complaints filed online by owners that feel they were mistreated or misinformed. One review stated the following:

Review and Complaints

“Stay as far away as possible from the timeshare industry. Their salespeople will say anything to get you to sign. Some of the half-truths: using the points for airfare, cruises, exchange with RCI.”

Timeshare salesmen will say anything just to complete a sale and that includes leaving out crucial information regarding your ownership. We recommend that before anyone considers signing a timeshare contract that they search online for more details about the resort to ensure that their salesman is telling the truth. Do not fall victim to their high pressure sales tactics.

Another timeshare owner has filed this club review : An hour after we signed the contract, we attempted to cancel because we were suspicious that these promises were not included in the contract. They told us if we canceled we would lose our 5,845 dollar deposit. After returning home two weeks later, we found out that Mexican law gives you the right to cancel the contract within 5 days, with no financial obligation. We also found out that promises to rent points is a common timeshare scam.”

If you are not familiar, every timeshare developer across the world is legally obligated to provide timeshare owners with a small window of time to cancel their timeshare contract. This is what you call a rescission period. The rescission period is typically between five and seven business days. According to this complaint the resort was fully aware of 5-day cancellation period but they threated to keep the owners deposit if they tried to cancel. Misleading timeshare owners like this is against the law.

If you have already passed the 5-day rescission period but you would still like to cancel your timeshare we have the solution that you are looking for. We have partnered with a team of timeshare cancellation experts that have informed us that they can now legally and permanently help consumers get out of timeshares forever! To learn more about how their timeshare cancellation process works just click the button below or fill out the form to receive a FREE timeshare consultation. Mention this article during your consultation to receive special discount.