will westgate buyback my timeshare

Can My Timeshare Be Bought Back?

This very question has been asked by hundreds of thousands of timeshare owners who have purchased a timeshare property, and are now looking for a way out. After finding out the many downsides of owning a timeshare and what ownership truly consists of in regards to limited use, high maintenance fees, and the liability that involves future generations inheriting this toxic debt is why owners want out of their contracts. It may seem that a simple search on Google will give you the answer, but what most find out is that it is relatively complex to find the answer to this very question “can my timeshare be bought back?” The general answer to this is “no,” resorts do not purchase back timeshares from the original owners.

After finding out the true answer that resorts will not take back a timeshare, most owners tend to experience frustration & anger at the limited alternatives they have when dealing with their unwanted timeshare contract. Resorts have been found to limit owners from reselling their unwanted timeshares on the secondary market, which showcases their desire to lock-in, the original buyers and limit their alternatives out of the timeshares. So what might be the best alternatives if your resort does not buyback your timeshare? Most would find the typical answer to this question is to “sell the timeshare instead”. Although it seems to be the most logical approach, it would not be the easiest or optimal approach for many reasons. The first reason being that when owners post their resorts on timeshare resale directory websites, they must pay a large fee upfront just so the listings can be on their without a guarantee that it will sell. The next major reason is that the listings will most likely be on there for long periods of time as you will see thousands of listings still present on those websites without a successful sale. Therefore the owners end up spending thousands just to have it listed without the timeshare actually being sold, which seems like a waste of time and money.

The best approach as an alternative to ending your timeshare contract and being able to legally stop paying those expensive maintenance fees is to exit out of your timeshare contract once and for all. Canceling your timeshare will enable you a guaranteed alternative to stop paying all future maintenance fees and legally get out of your timeshare permanently! The best approach would be to work with a company like REDEMPTION & RELEASE LLC that have helped countless individuals cancel their timeshare with a 100% success rate! We help our clients by being completely transparent throughout the whole cancellation process while ensuring them the most competitive prices in the timeshare exit industry! Just Sign-Up below for a FREE-Consultation and mention this article so that we can have one of our top timeshare qualifications specialist assist you in canceling your timeshare contract!