7 Most Common Timeshare Lies

Timeshare LiesTimeshare lies caught me up in a web of financial turmoil I thought I would never get out of. One of the things that has really created a bad reputation for the timeshare industry is the number of misleading sales tactics and outright lies they commonly use to get people to buy timeshares. It’s sad that our society allows this type of manipulation and slight of hand to dominate an entire business sector.

When I bought my timeshare, I had no intention of buying anything…more or less something that I could be stuck with for life! I got caught up in the moment, and believed the bevy of timeshare lies and half-truths I was served with a smile.

At the time, I had some disposable income and was working hard. They talked me into “doing something for myself, because I deserved it.” However, I didn’t deserve being convinced that I was doing something smart for my financial future. Timeshare presentation lies are so easy to believe when you are caught up in the exciting atmosphere and generous comps they offer you.

Of course, nobody knows what the future holds. One day you are living the life of your dreams and the next you’re downsized, jobless and scrambling to make ends meet and keep what you have. But for me, finding out that the people who sold me my timeshare knew full well that their sales pitch was a bunch of malarky really hurt.

Those timeshare lies caused me emotional pain that has infected the way I view the world now… I feel like everybody is trying to take advantage of me and that I have to do hours of research to make any decision. I guess that’s for the best in the long run, but I really hate feeling vulnerable and like I got taken for a fool.

Anyway, in order to help other folks who may be prone to fall for these timeshare scams I wanted to put together a list of the most common timeshare lies that the resort salespeople will throw at you in order to get you to sign your life away and buy a timeshare.  Here they are:


timeshare presentation lies

1. You’ll be able to stay at luxurious resorts worldwide!

2. You can travel anywhere you want, whenever you want!

3. It’s easy to use and even easier to exchange! Yeah, right! Talk about an exercise in frustration…

4. You’ll have high trading power! Total bull&*@#

5. Low Annual Fees! More bull&*@$…they raise those fees so fast and furious, it will give you panic attacks for years to come!

6. Make extra money by renting out your weeks! Oye vey…just try it! The resorts claim they will rent your timeshare out for you, but when it comes time they have too many of their own rooms to get rid of and can’t be bothered helping you make money. Unless you have family or friends to rent it to, you are out of luck!

7. Your timeshare is an investment that will increase in value in the years to come! LIES! LIES! LIES! Timeshares are almost totally worthless once you buy them…there is NO resale market. You can’t even give them away because nobody wants to buy your headache! You are better off buying a lemon car…at least you have something to sell for scrap!

If you decide to take a resort up on an offer of a free or discount mini-vacation or some other enticing gift for “merely attending a presentation,” make sure you go into it being aware of these common timeshare lies.